Assessors Column

Assessor’s Column

I would like to start off by thanking Supervisor Frank M. Zuccarelli, Thornton Township mayors, Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi, Commissioner Larry R. Rogers, Jr., Board of Review, other elected officials, and taxpayers for their involvement in our 2020 Triennial Reassessment Workshops. It has been my honor to serve as your township Assessor and it is my privilege to partner with other elected officials and governmental agencies in an effort to educate and assist Thornton Township taxpayers.

I want to provide you with important information as we navigate towards the 2020 exemption process. All exemptions from the Cook County Assessor’s Office for the 2020 tax year will be automatically renewed for (1) one year only. However, should you receive an exemption form by mail from the Cook County Assessor’s Office or if you are a new homeowner, please do not hesitate to contact us. And by the way, Welcome to Thornton Township, “People Working with People”.

If you filed for an adjusted tax bill/certificate of error in 2020 because your exemption or exemptions did not reflect on your 2nd installment property tax bill, you should contact us at (708) 596-6040 ext. 3175 so that we can assist you in reapplying for any qualifying exemptions. Please have your property index number available when making your inquiry, if possible.

Also, your Thornton Township Assessor’s Office is available to assist you on an appointment basis, in an effort, to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is imperative that we always exercise all safety protocol with our taxpayers and the staff. Please contact us at (708)596-6040 ext. 3140 to schedule an appointment. For all other inquiries (708) 596-6040 ext. 3175. Please understand that upon entering the Township building that you are required to wear a face mask. If you do not have a face mask, one will be provided to you. You will also be presented with Covid 19 questions to answer and be asked to participate in taking a forehead temperature. The township is taking these precautions so that we can continue to serve our residents and keep everyone safe.

As usual, be Blessed – stay safe, remember to wear your face mask, wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing.

Cassandra Ward Elston
Thornton Township Assessor and Staff