I am pleased to announce that for the 9th time since I was elected Township Supervisor,
Thornton Township finds itself in a financial position to refund to homeowners (and owners of apartment buildings of six units or less) a portion of the property taxes paid to the Township.

The average refund check won’t be large – amounting to around $55.00. But it’s your money and if we don’t need it, you should get it back – period.

That’s what we’re doing – sending back to homeowners a portion of their money we didn’t use and don’t need.

I’m proud that we have refunded more than $4 Million to homeowners over the last ten years, while maintaining a high level of critical services to families – especially during this most unusual year.

So again, while the refund won’t be large enough to fund a trip to the Islands (maybe Blue Island) it’s better off back in your pocket, so when you get the application in the mail, fill it out and send it in. You may also apply online by clicking the link below:


Be Well and Be Safe.

Frank M. Zuccarelli
Thornton Township Supervisor