Greetings Thornton Township residents.  I would like to introduce our new Thornton Township Community Resident Team.  The Community Resident Liaison role was borne out of my desire as Supervisor to strengthen connections with the residents of the Township. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the Township, similar to many other businesses, to rethink how we “touch and connect” with the people we serve.  

The Community Resident team is currently creating a Well-Being Check Call Program.  It is a resource to you or your family to just make sure ‘all is well’ with a person who may be living alone and would like to be checked on.  It is also a program designed to be a friendly call to people that may be feeling isolated and wish to connect with someone in a safe and friendly manner. Calls can be set up for a particular time and frequency as determined by the person or a family member.  

The Community Resident program also serves as a Customer Service resource. It’s intended to provide general information on Township services and how to access various programs.  This program will also give residents a “safe place” to voice their concerns or complaints and comment on how we are serving the community.  To contact Customer Service:  phone (708) 596-6040 ex 3213; email: or go to 

The Community Resident service is designed to utilize contemporary technologies that will respect the risk that the virus presents. Virtual communication using phone, email, text messages, video chats, Zoom gatherings, or even Facebook Live are different ways we’ll stay in touch with you. We will be actively soliciting and updating resident contact information to ensure that communication with you is timely and current. 

I along with the Board of Trustees working with all Township departments seek to continue to better serve the communities for whom we work. It is hoped that this new initiative will provide an improved client experience in our relationship with the Township residents.  Please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

The Community Resident team is excited to work with the community and be a resource to help the Township better serve you.  The Community Resident team can be contacted in the following ways:

I encourage you to be added to our resident database and to get regular updates about Township services and be recognized for special days in your life.  To sign up please go to:   You may also call (708) 596-6040 ex 3213 to sign up for this service and to receive regular updates on Township activities. Or you may use the camera on your Smartphone and/or tablet to scan the attached QR code to electronically upload your information. It will take you to an electronic form to fill out and submit to us.