Christmas Care program

Thornton Township, the largest township in Illinois, gave away more than 4,500 toys to community residents as well as 1,400 holiday food baskets during its annual Christmas Care program. It’s a tradition that has become a staple of the township’s December programs for the past two decades in an effort to make the holidays more enjoyable for families. Each child receives at least three individual wrapped gifts.

Home Handicap ramps

Thornton Township builds handicap ramps on several residential homes in the community. Wheelchair ramps are typically built in order to improve home accessibility for people who can’t use stairs or need a gentler, less stressful way to enter or leave their home. A successful home accessibility project requires careful planning so that the ramp meets the home occupant’s needs, complies with local building requirements, is safe and sturdy, and is safe for use in all types of weather.

Grant writing

Each year, public and private foundations award billions of dollars in grants, sums of money that are intended to advance a specific objective. Grant writers help to match funders with projects they want to support. In order to better serve the public, Thornton Township grant writers research, draft, and submit proposals that help organizations or individuals receive grant funding.

More parking spaces for seniors

The township acquired property located adjacent to our Senior/Youth and Family Services Center in Riverdale so that we could ad additional parking spaces.