Dear Thornton Township Resident:

Not since World War II, has America faced such a dire threat from a common enemy, requiring each of us to step up and do our part to stop it. 

Make no mistake. This enemy not only threatens the health and well being of all of us – all of our families – but also the economic livelihood of every community and every American.

The Coronavirus, COVID-19, is spreading like wildfire and threatening the lives of those over sixty and those with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, respiratory ailments, heart conditions and more. 

But we have important weapons in our arsenal that employed collectively can serve to stop the spread of the disease cold.

First, residents of the township should stay inside their homes unless engaged in “essential activities.” On those occasions when you are outside your home for necessary tasks, practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from others.

You can…

• Go to your grocery store, hardware store or bank – drive up window only

• Go to your pharmacy to pick up medicines and other health care products

• Go to your doctor’s office if you have a scheduled appointment

• Care for or support a close friend or family member

• Walk your dog or pet and take them to the Vet if necessary

• Take a walk, ride your bike, jog and be in nature for exercise just keep at least six feet between you and others

• Help someone get necessary supplies

You should not. . .

• Go to work unless providing essential services like professional medical services, public safety or sanitation services

• Visit family or friends if there is no urgent need

• Maintain less than six feet of distance if you must go out

• Visit friends or loved ones in hospital, nursing homes or other residential care facilities  

And remember – please wash your hands with soap and water for 20-seconds, several times a day. And cover a sneeze or cough with your forearm or tissue and discard the tissue right away.

We are in this together and we are getting through this together.

I am confident that each of us will do what is necessary. That each of us will do our part as Americans of every generation always have in times of national crisis.

One final word…Thornton Township’s food pantry provides nutritious baskets of food to more than 3000 families every month. That service will continue.

We will deliver food to indigent seniors or provide food baskets via ‘drive-up’ service at our Township pantry. Please click on here for information regarding food distribution.

No one, absolutely no one will go hungry on my watch.


Frank M. Zuccarelli

Thornton Township Supervisor