Real Men Can Cook

Thornton Township in conjunction with Fathers and Blessings sponsored the 2nd Annual Real Men Cook Event. The national event took place at the Dolton Park District.

“Thornton Township is honored to be part of the second annual Illinois South Suburban Real Men Cook Father’s Day Celebration. We know the excellent work that Fathers and Blessings is doing for the community,” said Frank M. Zuccarelli, Thornton Township Supervisor. “At Thornton Township, our motto has always been People Working With People because we know that together we are stronger. We also understand the impact that every man, fathers and father figures has on the community. Thornton Township is committed to helping everyone in the entire Southland receive the quality of life they deserve.”

The event sponsor Demetrious Walker, CEO/President of Fathers and Blessings NFP in the event’s literature said, “We are excited to bring the 28th Annual Real Men Cook event to the South Suburbs for our 2nd Annual Fathers and Blessings Real Men Cook Father’s Day Event.”

According to the organization’s literature, Fathers and Blessings will be working alongside the original co-founder and longtime cooks of the Nationwide Real Men Cook event continue to assist them with keeping their 28-year legacy alive. It is further stated, “Fathers and Blessings has been given the honor to host this longstanding celebration for the second year in the South Suburban area. Both Fathers and Blessings and Real Men Cook promote the important role that men have in their families and communities. Fathers and Blessings and Real Men Cook celebrate fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, coaches, teachers, and mentors that provide hope and examples for the next generation.”

Ernst Lamothe Jr., Public and Community Relations Manager for Thornton Township said, “This event is a priority for Thornton Township and we recognize the local and national importance of this event. Not only is the event a family affair locally, it is also national. Communities across the South Suburbs are encouraged to participate,” said Lamothe.

The township also gave out free Father’s Day hats to those who attended.

Jerry Jones, a Thornton Township Trustee, a supporter for the event remarked, “I think it is a fantastic event that they put on. Real Men do have a positive effect when we start getting more men together; it increases the moral commitments in our society. ”

An estimated 80 South Suburban communities have been targeted including the Chicagoland area.

Cooks participating in the event and a guest will receive free entry into the event; annual Illinois South Suburbs Real Men Cook Father’s Day Celebration commemorative apron; coaching from veteran cooks; and a chance to participate in Judged Cook-off.

A resident and Senior Trustee for Thornton Township Joyce Washington said, “We fully support the event and hope that it exceeds it expectation and success. Personally, I can’t wait to sample those tasty ribs.”

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