18th Annual Taste Of Thornton Township

By September 17, 2019 September 20th, 2019 News, Township News

Betty Jones watched as her grandchildren and others jumped, danced and hugged some of their favorite superheroes and princesses. She could see the joy in the room full of excited children as they spent a few hours living out the south suburb version of Disney World.

“I heard about this event and I greatly appreciate it because it offers opportunities to meet new people from the neighborhood and it gives the children a chance to meet and make friends with other children their age,” said Jones. “The children could not have been happier.”

It was just another aspect of the successful 18th annual Taste of Thornton Township event which took place on a beautiful summer day at South Suburban College, 15800 State Street in South Holland. The morning began with a breakfast, where superheroes and princesses ate with the children and the parents. During this event, children participated in coloring activities, photographs, dance parties and ate breakfast with their families and fictional heroes.

Not only was there an incredible turnout, but it was an opportunity for the parents and the children to enjoy a family-friendly event that was free to the community.

“This is an event that has been a staple at Thornton Township for years and it continues to grow. We add more superheroes and princesses and more entertainment for the kids,” said Paula Counts, a Thornton Township Human Relations Commissioner who helps coordinate the event.” We heard incredible feedback and we appreciate all the kind words that families have told us about the event. They mention how very few events offered are free.”

 At the end of the breakfast, volunteers handed out backpacks to the children to start the school year off with a fresh start. Immediately preceding the breakfast was the festive Taste of Thornton Township where it was filled with local food vendors, crafts, live music and performances, free carnival rides and games, and free petting zoo amongst the free activities and amenities.  There were hundreds of people and families who joined the event and each person appreciated different aspects and qualities about it. Some came for the rides while others arrived later for the live music.

“We had an incredible turnout once again this year. This event gets bigger and better with each year,” said Frank M. Zuccarelli, Thornton Township supervisor. “These kinds of events not only provide a great service but focus on bringing the community together and creating everlasting memories.”

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